Black & White | WPPI Expo After Party 2015 LAS VEGAS

RGG EDU is going to Las Vegas in March for WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International). This is going to be an exciting couple of days networking with some of the best photographers in the world. We are partnering with Resource Magazine to throw the first Expo after party of 2015. Monday March 2nd at 10pm the doors will for our open bar, photo booths, and entertainment. There will be exciting swag bags filled with gift certificates, coupons, and awesome swag from sponsors like RGG EDU, Resource Magazine,, Chimera, BH Photo, Hasselblad, The Headshot Crew, Rosco, F-Stop Gear Bags, and Lost in Print. This will certainly be a great time with amazing people. At 10:30pm there will be a Rock Paper Shabang contest for the first 100 people that enter. This will be a best 2 out of 3 competition. The winner will receive an iPad! You can also register for an awesome T-Shirt. They are $8.75 and come with free drinks all night long. 

You can find tickets here through

Here are a few shots from our after party in New York for PPE.

How to Photograph food with Rob Grimm

Do you think you know how to photograph food? In late October Rob Grimm from RGG Photo and Motion partnered with RGG EDU in creating a in depth tutorial about Food Photography. Ron’s style is bold and he like to make the food heroic. We spent time in the studio and three days on location at some of the best restaurants in St. Louis. We shot at Small BatchDeath In The Afternoon, and Blood and Sand. This shoot was a lot of fun with excellent teaching moments. Rob shows off some of his tricks of the trade and shares some of his secrets on how to style and photograph food. Rob is an excellent cook which goes hand in hand with food photography. He shows how to shoot food with natural light and off camera lighting. This tutorial shows how to style, retouch, and photograph food. With over 50 unique videos to choose from you can expect amazing attention to detail and a magnitude of knowledge from Rob. All in all it was 14 days of production with an amazing team. We are excited to announce that The Complete Guide To Editorial Food Photography is now available for purchase at

2 Workshops Announced | 2015 Bahamas

Fstoppers Workshops Bahamas

We are super excited to announce two great interactive workshops this May 2015 in the amazing Bahamas at the Atlantis Resort. This will be our second year in a row teaching at this event and we cannot wait to get back! Last year we taught two similar workshops that sold out well in advance so if you are planning on taking these workshops pre-pay as soon as possible or take advantage of the Fstoppers deposit system.

Studio Lighting for Commercial Product & Editorial Still Life

When: 5/13 & 5/14 9am-6PM Atlantis Resort

In this two-day class, commercial still and product photographer Rob Grimm will teach a highly specialized studio lighting class designed to help you sculpt light to create images that jump off the page to grab the viewers attention. As a master of creating heroic images for his clients, Rob’s spent the last 25 years as a creative problem solver, master rigger, and explorer of light to craft very graphic and unique images for his clients. This class will cover the full gamut between building clientele, pricing composition, lighting essentials, set designs for any budget, camera settings, lens selection, building your portfolio, tips to building your prop kit, and preparing an image for retouching.


Shooting Beer, Liquor, Drinks, & Liquids For Commercial Advertising

When: 5/16 & 5/17 9am-6PM Atlantis Resort

In this two day class, commercial food and beverage photographer Rob Grimm will be covering everything he knows about shooting liquids, liquor bottles, beer, glass bottles and splashing liquids for commercial uses. Rob will take his 25+ years of shooting for clients like Budweiser, Jack Daniels, Bacardi, and Grey Goose and translate the essentials into a 2 day workshop.

Course instruction includes the use of essential studio lighting modifiers, the use of ROSCO diffusion, using fake ice, making fake spritz, making fake slush, beer pours, common camera angles, the use of cards with strobes, painting highlights, freezing liquids in splashes, using a duratrans for backgrounds, incorporating props into composition, polarizing highlights, the properties of lighting glass bottles, and a whole lot more. A special emphasis will be placed upon composition and how to create images that evoke emotion to draw in the viewer.

RGG EDU Launches New Tutorial | Complete Guide to Fashion & Beauty Photography

Retouching Trailer


The Complete Guide to Fashion and Beauty Photography with High-End Retouching will take your Fashion, Beauty, Editorial and Portrait photography to the next level. In this course, we’ll show you how to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls that photographers often encounter while guiding you through the entire image making process. We begin with the lighting and set-up stages and take you all the way through the complete process including the final retouching and Photoshop phases. Throughout the course, we’ll explore multiple lighting scenarios from the most basic one-light set to complex multi-light configurations which will help you create the highest quality base file to server as the foundation for retouching. The post production process will begin with image selection and how to discuss with clients the details and important features of your images. We will show you how to get the most from a raw image and then dive into the variety of tools and techniques you will need in Photoshop to create beautifully textured skin, polished details, and tones that both grab and please the viewers eye. 

CLICK HERE to view the entire tutorial and until Thursday night, you can save $50 with the coupon code RGGPHOTO . Simply enter this code in at checkout at our sister company RGG EDU.


Talking Food Prints Now Available

Our Talking Food project has grown bigger than we ever though. We have amassed thousands of followers on TUMBLR and INSTAGRAM and just recently launched our Facebook and Twitter Page. We've had literally hundreds of requests for prints and We are happy to announce that the print store is live with prints starting at $6.00. 

These prints make amazing gifts and are awesome kitchen decor. We currently have the first wave of Talking Food prints available, many of which are exclusive to this site. They come in two options, a traditional print that could be framed or canvass wall art.

To order a print simply go to this website:



Take Our Workshop In Paradise And Write Off The Expense

This May, RGG Photo will be bringing you two highly specialized, hands on workshops that are geared towards honing your photography skills in beverage andproduct photography. By adding a specialty like this to your craft you will be equipping yourself to bid on entirely different projects. If you already specialize in these areas then this workshop is especially for you. Rob Grimm has 23+ years in the industry and operates 2 full commercial studios in Chicago and St. Louis. His client list is longer than his left arm and his knowledge base in food, beverage, and product photography is vast. Furthermore his eye for composition is both a science as much as it is an art and he will be teaching these important skills as well as common lighting designs for various products.

Class Sizes

We will be engaging with our attendees and limiting the class size in order to give each attendee hands on time with the products and plenty of time for every question. We will be working with both medium format and dslr cameras to show the difference and equip you with the knowledge to operate both. We will also be using a wide variety of accessible lighting modifiers and lights so that anyone can take these skills back to their studios. From DIY to Broncolor, we will cover both.

Portfolio Reviews

We will be providing full portfolio reviews of your work and will be an open resource for helping you perfect your portfolio and build your online presence with how you present your images on the web and in portfolio showings. Each student will have the opportunity to get a written and verbal critique of their work, should they want it up to 1 year from the workshop class.

Sign Up In January For 20% Deposit Only

If you sign up in January, you may reserve your spot for only 20% down. If you need further assistance in booking please contact me directly and we will try our best to help you get down there. We’ve priced these workshops lower than industry rates and encourage you to use this opportunity as a business write-off and get a tax credit for this business expense at the end of this year. This could be the best investment you’ve ever made.


This workshop will be taught in the Bahamas. Think of this as a flight to Orlando. The flights are average priced and the hotel prices can be lower than 200/night. All of these are tax write-offs. Plus you will be in paradise with some of the coolest people in the industry. Network Network Network!

Hibiki Whiskey | Shot With Natural Light

Rob Grimm_Habiki Whiskey_RGG PHOTO_Commercial Photography.jpg

Chicago Commercial Liquor Photography

9 times out of 10 we shoot liquor ads with 4-12 lights and the Hasselblad H4D. Today is not one of those days. The above shot was done in our portfolio room with north facing windows in the middle of the day. The room itself has huge, uncovered glass window panes that allow massive amounts of soft light to beam in, which is actually a great source of light at the right time of day. With the light coming through the bottle and the use of a white card to accent the labels and pop the gold tones we were able to grab this shot in 3 captures.

We shot this with the 5D MK III and the 100 mm L series 2.8. We took 3 captures at ISO 320, f/3.5, at 1.30th of a second to get the cap, and both sides of the label in focus and then blended the 3 images together in photoshop.

Who needs south facing light when north facing light looks so sexy?


Twitter: @rggphoto 


Creative Live Workshop | Working As A Commercial Photographer

Lighting Gold Tones In Liquor Photography

Have you ever wondered how we get such awesome detail in products and bottles? In the video above via our 3-Day CreativeLIVE workshop, we show you how we address and capture all the images necessary to build a composite image for the commercial photography industry.

For the full 3-Day workshop check us out here:

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Phlearn & RGG Photo 3-Pack Fire Sale Only $39.99


If you didn't get a chance to view our 3-day live workshop via creativeLIVE, you can check it out by clicking here. In addition, we've offered a sale this week for a 3-pack of our RGG Photo tutorials with Aaron Nace from Phlearn on 3 different photo shoots and retouching tutorials on our images. We give you an in depth look at our entire production to post production workflow. Click here to buy for only $39.99.

Here Is What's In The Bundle:

1. High End Burberry Watch Photo Shoot

This comprehensive tutorial is like Two PRO Tutorials in One. Come on set with world renowned food, beverage, and product photographer Rob Gimm as he takes you through the entire photographic process, then join Aaron in Lightroom and Photoshop to bring everything together.

With over 2:30 hours of video, you are going to learn everything from concept, lighting, creating special effects, camera settings, retouching, compositing and more!

2.) Limonata Perfect Beverage and Liquids Photo Shoot  

We are Introducing one of the world's top food and beverage photographers to Phlearn and taking you through step by step of his entire photography process.

If you are looking to become a great food and beverage photographer this PRO will blow you away and place you miles ahead of the competition.  Learn about working with water, and bringing your beverage photography to life in post production.


3.) Epic Burger Food Photo Shoot

In this PRO Tutorial we take you on set with a world class food and beverage photographer, a professional food stylist and a quirky retoucher (Aaron) to create this amazing image.

You will learn about everything that goes into a shoot like this including the lighting, styling, shooting, retouching, compositing and more!  Learn the tips and tricks behind working with food, a food stylist, and the amount of time and energy that goes into one of these photo shoots.

The 3-Pack Bundle is on sale NOW. CLICK HERE TO BUY

Shooting Liquids | Chicago Commercial Photography

Shooting Liquids

As a commercial studio, we specialize in Food, Beverage, and Product photography with an emphasis on liquids. Why liquids you ask? Great question we respond. Liquids have a tendency to create endless possibilities (yeah yeah so does almost any photography) for how light interacts with it. We don't have to go into detail on the properties of liquida with solids and gas but you see where we are going.  The bottom line on why we specialize in liquids in because it tends to be on of the most challenging and rewarding things to create images from. It evokes emotion in a completely different way than that of a smile or style of a lifestyle portrait. Plain and simple.

If you are interested in commercial photography and liquids,  keep a look out for a collaboration project we will be doing this Fall with CreativeLIVE. We are going to melt your face off with where we can take liquids. 

Rob Grimm Photography | RGG Photo

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Cupcakes | Commercial Photography

Cupcake Porn

From time to time, when the timing is timed right, we bust open the windows and let natural light pour into a set and turn the strobes off. In the above cupcakes photo, we used one 4x6 white book to bounce what light was coming into the studio to create the softest shadows and broadest light available.  

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Sennheiser Momentum Headphones | Commercial Photography

Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

Sennheiser makes amazing audio products. This German connoisseur of sound makes products that are both rich and clean in design and sound reproduction. This set of headphones is a great example of a product that sounds as sexy as it looks as well. 

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C100 Test | Behind the Scenes Commercial Photography with @Talking Food

Talking Food Behind the Scenes

This week we teamed up with Laura Prouty from the @TalkingFood Instagram account to create some original shots for her work. As a coincidence we also had been given a C100 to test for the week from a local camera rental house here in St. Louis. Big thanks to Ray from Schillers for letting us test out the equipment. We had a blast.

C100 Review

As our studio contemplates the many complexities of offering commercial video that delivers the same quality at which we produce still images, we spent much of Spring and early Summer researching the Canon and Red systems; weighing the benefits of both. Until the new offerings by Canon to purchase their Cinema lenses, we planned on not investing in motion camera’s besides a few 5D MK III’s. Our studio, like many video houses, planned on renting different systems based on job needs. That was, until we realized we could capture 8Bit RAW video for under $7,000 on the C100. 

RAW Video 

It all boiled down to a little device called the Atomos Ninja 2, a way to capture RAW video through the C100 bypassing the less than desirable AVCHD MPEG 2 codec that shoots to an SD card which is native to the C100. With the $700 external recorder form Atomos, we are able to capture RAW video in Pro Res 4:2:2 color space as opposed to the native 4:2:0 color space. This allows for much more dynamic range (about 12 stops at 850 ISO), and for more elasticity in pushing the tones in color grading. This convenient little device allows you to have a camera that is essentially better than the C300, which shoots to the Canon XF codec (4:2:2 sampling) in a MXF wrapper. We won’t go into great detail on Codecs here, but the Pro Res codec through the HDMI out to an SSD is better for what we are doing and arguably a much better Codec overall. On a side note, all of the Canon Cinema cameras have the Super 35mm cropped sensor, which is a step back from the nice full frame capabilities of the 5D MK III. This really isn’t a big deal, especially for what we do because we are in tight on subjects more than wide. With a kit of the 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 100mm we are really working with a kit of 31 mm, 45 mm , 65mm, 110, and 130, respectively, compared to the full frame 5D line due to the 1.3X crop factor.

The Art of Visual Storytelling

What really helped make our decision was the recent workshop we attended by DP Alex Buono called “The Art of Visual Storytelling.” We got to experience the technical workflow used by Alex with these lines of cameras for Saturday Night Live and his other live action films. We would definitely recommend checking this workshop out to get a better sense of the entire workflow behind his crew, plus some additional tips for storytelling through motion. We even had a chance to play with the new Mōvi handheld gimbal with a Canon C100 mounted to it. This really blew us away. The $15,000 device is going to change the quality of video that is accessible to all very drastically. I’m sure you’ve seen the Vincent Laforet video and review of this device but playing with this was way different. I was running around the room holding the camera while Rob pulled focus on the subject through wireless control and monitoring. Then Rob got to run around the room while I controlled the tilt and pan with a remote control and someone else pulled focus. A 3 person crew and a little creativity could completely replace $75,000 worth of grip gear. I was really blown away the smooth movement seen through the wireless Marshall monitor setup and follow focus. We can’t wait to start using this on shoots.


The C100 is still quite limiting in this arena. Not because it doesn’t do 4K, but because it still can only record at 24 fps. Even if it did 60 fps, that wouldn’t be enough, nor does the C300. In order to get 120 fps to capture things like beer pours, splashes, and crunchy battered chicken fingers flying through the air colliding together in mid flight, you need the C500 which is $25,000 alone. Knowing that, our decision was made; we would invest in the C100 and accessories and rent the C500 for jobs requiring slow motion of 120 fps. This way we have essentially invested less than $17,000 for an entire set of 5 Prime L series lenses, and external recorder, a marshall monitor, a cage, a follow focus, and a camera. Not bad considering other systems would equate to around 4-5 times the cost and require quite a more cumbersome workflow and camera crew. Plus, with the right creative and color grading, you probably couldn’t tell the difference in quality between final products of each camera (although we have limited experience color grading RED footage). So we get to have a RAW video workflow 24/7 and all the accessories ready for the C500 when we need it.

Low Light

Another impressive quality is the low light capabilities of this camera. I’m not talking about cranking up the ISO either. The above BTS video was shot on the 50 mm and 85 mm Cine Lenses at 5.6-8 with a native ISO of 850, which is quite spectacular. On top of that we closed every window in the studio creating a very dark environment. I could barely see what I was doing and we had a nice bright feed of our scene through the  monitor. I had to pump the ISO on the 5D MK III to at least 2500 (native 160) at 4.0 to get a similar exposure, and even then I was blowing out the small highlights in the skylights and modeling lights, not to mention a very different noise level.


The C100 is not a complete solution for every job, nor is any camera. It’s lightweight, compact, shoots pretty amazing RAW video for the price, and keeps the production budget down while maximizing an easy workflow. Plus we have the camera 24/7 to use it for everything, not just on productions where we need to rent gear. It's ideal for a lot of various scenarios including a run and gun type documentary, commercial studio work, lifestyle video, great for weddings, BTS video, and a number of food/beverage/products studio shoots using a lot of light. We are really excited to get our feet wet in this arena and explore more of what this camera can do.

What do you guys think? 


Chicago Commercial Food Photography | Kraft Recipes

©RGG Photo Rob Grimm Photography_Vietnamese Chicken

Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Here is an image from a recent shoot we did with Kraft to highlight recipes that go great with their many types of crackers. Triscuits, seen above, are quite possibly the most delicious and addicting crackers on the face of the planet. They basically replace the need to ever use utensils ever again and provide the best texture for making mini sandwiches of infinite possibilities. You really can't make a bad sandwich if these things are underneath it.

Some of the easiest recipes that pair well with these crackers can be found HERE, at the Official Triscuit Recipe Website.

My personal favorite is a sea salt Triscuit, layer of cream cheese, thin slice of turkey breast, and a pan seared red bell pepper marinated in a balsamic vinaigrette.  

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