Meat Sculptures | Chicago Commercial Food Photography

Yesterday we saw the biggest steaks we've ever seen and got to make interesting sculptures out of them. Short ribs, tomahawk steak, multiple odd roasts, shank steak, ox tails, flank steaks, and a bunch more, some weighing in over 5 pounds. The goal of the shoot was to cater shots to restaurants and chefs using unusual cuts of meat. Big shout out to Kim Loughlin for being one the best Food Stylists in the business. Kim is an all time favorite of ours and long time colleague. Her wealth of knowledge in everything food is simply out of control, she knows everything. Thanks to the Marlin Agency for coming out and helping us create these awesome shots, we look forward to the outcome.

Above are some shots I got with an iphone and quickly edited into this collage on the using an iOS app Pic  Stitch, what a great device. We also explored the neighborhood last night and ended up at the Twisted Spoke Restaurant and Bar, a great place place to grab a beer and watch the debate.

-Gary Martin

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