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It's hump day, which means today is a great day for a frosty import. Here is a spot we did a little bit ago for Grolsch. They have one of the coolest bottles on the market, anywhere hands down. As the market becomes flooded with more and more micro breweries, I am surprised we aren't seeing more and more unique designs for the bottles themselves. I do like the clever labels, but I'd like to see more pint size bottles with character. I love a good beer with a cork. It seems pretty standard, at least here is St. Louis, to only see the standard brown 12 ounce bottle. I know it is more expensive to use bottles like the Grolsch bottle above, but there are definitely ways around making it affordable for all parties. While on holiday in the Netherlands, I found it awesome that grocery stores had built in bottle recycling for reusable bottles of beer and the necessary carts that you could take with you to put your empties in. Not only that, but the side of grocery stores had built in machines that took your beer cart, analyzed the bottles, and then printed off a voucher to be used at the grocery store. This did a few things that really impressed me. The first, is that it makes it more affordable for companies to reuse the exact same bottle by giving the user a deposit refund. It's just like the Oberweiss people and their delicious chocolate milk. Secondly, there were no bottles littered on the ground anywhere, and if there were, you would be sure to see vagabonds rushing to pick up and go recycle them to get some cash. What a great idea. -Gary Martin

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