Klipsch Headphone Shoot | Chicago Commercial Product Photography


We recently created some product images for the Klipsch "Rugged Line" of headphones. The scope of the shoot was to find 4 athletes in conditioning, BMX, skateboarding, and mountain biking (above). We wanted to share the above image, before and after, to show you what goes into the production and retouching of an image with a gigantic looming rock of doom and a few other distractions. In the before image, it appeared as if our subject was headed straight for a gigantic rock, so we grabbed a few rocks from other photos, and layer masked a few in. We also took out a few other distractions like ripples, trees, and rocks. 

If you are new to photoshop, check out a great resource called Phlearn, a Chicago based company that specializes in teaching commercial grade turotials on everything you need to know about photoshop. 

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