commercial cocktail photography | rob grimm


Last week we put the last few coats of paint on the new Chicago studio and are in the final stages of interior design. After a full day of painting, a local suggested we visit The Violet Hour after dinner at Sushi Samba for hand crafted cocktails. While I must say the fare at Sushi Samba was some of the best sushi I have had, the cocktails at The Violet Hour were exceptional. As we enter the Chicago area, we are thrilled by the plethora of choices when it comes to places to both chow and toast.

As a fan of Gin, I ordered the "Old & Young," Ransom Old Tom, Lemon, Ramazotti, Blackberry, Cola. The drink was extremely well balanced and refreshing while enticed me for a couple more rounds.

Here's an old favorite Gin photo i shot from a few years back that reminded me how great Gin can be.

Chicago Commercial Photography

Rob Grimm Photo