Behind the Scenes Bud Light | RGG PHOTO

In today's behind the scenes post, we take you into the lighting diagram to illustrate the complexities of shooting beer bottles and the importance of documenting EVERYTHING we did, how we did it, measurements, and power settings. In our workflow, it's critical that we make detailed notes during a shoot so that we can quickly reference a shoot a few months or years from now. Because no two shoots are ever the same, it's imperative that we illustrate all the materials used to make the shot so we don't waste time trying to re-invent the shot in a similar shoot or even the exact same shoot for repeating clients.

In the above shoot we did with Translation for Bud Light, we had a long list of shots from the birds eye view, straight on, and worms eye view with 3 different bottles, in 3 different positions, both dry and wet, with the cap on and cap off. The permutations of the variations were challenging but a great way to spend a few days exploring what light does to a bottle and label. Plus we got to hand paint ice and talk with German accents, which is a great combination if you haven't tried it.

We have a big project coming up that will delve into the behind the scenes of our shoots, explain lighting, talk about gear, and show in depth post production. Stay tuned for more info.


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