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Attention to detail is one of the biggest aspects of commercial product photography. Take a few minutes and stare at every part of the image. What do you see? Why do you see it? How did it get there? Why is it there?  We don't take photos, we make them. Often times we will spend an entire day creating the pieces for an image like the one above. We focus on tone, where your eye travels at first glance, what's in focus and what's purposely slightly soft. Often times the hardest part of creating images like the one above is shifting gears, scratching what's already been shot, and taking the image in a slightly different direction, possibly with a new glass or change in arrangement. It's rarely the ONE big change that makes the difference, but the 5-10 small tweeks that create the best overall image to help the creative director reach their goal. Often times what was drawn out on paper and in your mind doesn't quite work with camera perspective and a new solution needs to be found quickly to create the best possible image. If there is one thing about this line of work, it's that you have to be meticulous with each step and constantly think of how this will go together in post production.

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