RGG Photo teams up with Phlearn

Several months back, we came across an amazing website called Phlearn that specialize in Photoshop tutorials in a way that hasn't been done yet. Their approach to photoshop is geared towards commercial retouching on a very high level. Here is Phlearn's mission, from their website:

"Phlearn's mission is to provide the skills, confidence and encouragement for creative individuals to pursue their dreams, overcome their fears, and live their passions. We want to provide you with the technical knowledge to make your vision become a reality AND the confidence to craft your art true to your vision. And we want to do it all with a huge smile, because having fun is fun.

We've worked at creating multiple resources to assist you on your way. Tune in for our daily episodes and articles that include Phamily Edits, where a user submitted image gets a makeover, contests, interviews with a wide spectrum of individuals from across the industry, photo battles, and inspirational images from around the web."

Today is the first glimpse into a tutorial that we are co-creating. For the next year, Phlearn and RGG will be publishing a series of behind the scenes tutorials geared not only at post production, but also at pre-production, production, lighting, lighting, lighting, lighting, and all of the tricks that go into a commercial photo shoot.

We will be publishing a series of Pro Tutorials that highlight not only the photographer's tricks of the trade, but the Producer, Production Assistant, Digital Tech, Food Stylist, Prop Stylist, Creative Director, Art Director, and the others that help in the process of creating commercial photography for the advertising world.

Stay tuned for an in depth interview with Rob later this month, and a Pro Tutorial that highlights flying lemons.

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