Chicago Commercial Beverage Photography | Rob Grimm

San Pellegrino Commercial Photography with Rob Grimm

San Pellegrino make some very tasty beverages in addition to their bubbly waters if you hadn't noticed. They come in both a can and a bottle, which are both unique in their own way. The bottle, seen above, has a unique bowling pin design with a hammered textured glass feel.

During portfolio week a few months back, we took the Pellegrino bottle,  a variety of clementine oranges, some ice, a few glasses, and a water tank and combined them to make the image seen above, which is comprised of about 13 exposures.

In the process of creating this scene we actually used a black plexiglass for the base, which reflects the background as a mirror. So what you are seeing above is actually a dark black but very reflective piece of plastic. To light the stainless steel background we took blue gels on a pan head and blasted light focused primarily behind the bottle to create an even gradient behind the oranges.

The bottle and glass are each shot separately and composited together. An interesting note on the glass is that it actually has real condensation while the bottle has a unique mixture that we use to create fake ice. This allows us to freeze the bottle, in a sense, and be able to light multiple parts of the bottle with cards and experiment with lighting without worrying about if the ice is moving.

Once we were happy with the images for both the glass and bottle we brought in the fish tank and placed it in the approximate same position as the glass and bottle. From there we focused on creating unique bubble trajectories as the oranges broke the surface of the water. At the end of the day we had over 100 images of oranges flying through the water to choose from.

To find out all of the techniques used in photoshop and in lighting, check out one of our Pro tutorials we did with Phlearn HERE.