Milk Stout from Left Hand Brewery | Commercial Beer Photography

Milk Stout from Left Hand Brewing Company

How to Cut the Bottom off a Beer Bottle Video.

An Amazing American Stout | Left Hand Brewing

The story of Left Hand Brewing Company out of Colorado is an all too familiar story of modern day micro breweries, It all started making small batches of home brew . Here it is right from their about us section of their website :

Our story started in December of 1990 with a small homebrewers kit. Dick Doore, the co-founder of Left Hand, received the kit as a Christmas present from his brother. According to Dick, “it was all downhill from there.” His obsession with homebrewing led him back to Colorado in August of 1993, where he met up with a former college buddy and soon-to-be Left Hand co-founder, Eric Wallace.

It didn’t take the two long to start brewing beer. Dick had been homebrewing for years, and Eric had traveled extensively internationally, seeking out great beers wherever and whenever he could. After brewing several batches that impressed their friends and lucky neighbors, they became more confident in their craft. It was only after drinking quite a lot of really good dry stout that Eric had brewed that they had their epiphany: “Let’s start a brewery.”

A few weeks later, in September of 1993, we incorporated as Indian Peaks Brewing Company, in honor of the serrated ridges and jagged peaks of the Indian Peaks wilderness that you can see nearby. Then the search for the location was on from Golden to Loveland. In November of that year, home became a former meat packing plant nestled next to the St. Vrain River near downtown Longmont. In just a few weeks, the brewery was starting to take shape, labels were being produced, and kegs and bombers were purchased. The place was hopping. However, the euphoria was quickly sidelined when a conflict of interest surrounding the brewery name surfaced. Indian Peaks was being used by another brewery for a beer style. So, not wanting to start off on the wrong foot, we quickly changed the name of the company to Left Hand, in honor of Chief Niwot, whose tribe wintered in the local area. (The name Left Hand is derived from the southern Arapahoe word “Niwot” meaning left hand.)

Micro Brewery Project at RGG Photo

A few months back we set out on a mission to highlight some of our favorite beers around the USA that have a unique bottle design, label, and/or flavor profile. This is the first installment of this monthly blog episode where we highlight a unique micro brewery and a specific line of beer. The folks at Left Hand were gracious enough to send us a couple cases of beer to play with.

Milk Stout is best served cold, real cold, and unlike most other beers, the beer is supposed to be poured hard, directly into the glass upside down. This goes against traditional careful and slow pouring. Knowing this, we built a set that complimented the ice cold and pour hard concept. 

"With Milk Stout Nitro, the Longmont company became the first craft brewer in the nation to gas one of its beers with a blend of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. As a result, the rich stout pours creamy and thick out of the bottle, with bubbles that cascade up from the bottom, just like it would if it were being drawn from a nitrogen-infused tap at a bar."

Luckily we had exactly 3 beers left over out of 24 to try. They were indeed delicious and incredibly smooth. Overall we had a blast concepting this beer image and are looking forward to this project. We even found a new way to cut the bottom off of a bottle. This was beyond fun and totally random. Check out the video for details.

If you have any micro brewery suggestions for us to shoot, please send an e-mail to gary(AT) Keep an eye out next month for an image from us about Urban Chestnut Brewing Company.


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