How to Photograph food with Rob Grimm

Do you think you know how to photograph food? In late October Rob Grimm from RGG Photo and Motion partnered with RGG EDU in creating a in depth tutorial about Food Photography. Ron’s style is bold and he like to make the food heroic. We spent time in the studio and three days on location at some of the best restaurants in St. Louis. We shot at Small BatchDeath In The Afternoon, and Blood and Sand. This shoot was a lot of fun with excellent teaching moments. Rob shows off some of his tricks of the trade and shares some of his secrets on how to style and photograph food. Rob is an excellent cook which goes hand in hand with food photography. He shows how to shoot food with natural light and off camera lighting. This tutorial shows how to style, retouch, and photograph food. With over 50 unique videos to choose from you can expect amazing attention to detail and a magnitude of knowledge from Rob. All in all it was 14 days of production with an amazing team. We are excited to announce that The Complete Guide To Editorial Food Photography is now available for purchase at