Phlearn & RGG Photo 3-Pack Fire Sale Only $39.99


If you didn't get a chance to view our 3-day live workshop via creativeLIVE, you can check it out by clicking here. In addition, we've offered a sale this week for a 3-pack of our RGG Photo tutorials with Aaron Nace from Phlearn on 3 different photo shoots and retouching tutorials on our images. We give you an in depth look at our entire production to post production workflow. Click here to buy for only $39.99.

Here Is What's In The Bundle:

1. High End Burberry Watch Photo Shoot

This comprehensive tutorial is like Two PRO Tutorials in One. Come on set with world renowned food, beverage, and product photographer Rob Gimm as he takes you through the entire photographic process, then join Aaron in Lightroom and Photoshop to bring everything together.

With over 2:30 hours of video, you are going to learn everything from concept, lighting, creating special effects, camera settings, retouching, compositing and more!

2.) Limonata Perfect Beverage and Liquids Photo Shoot  

We are Introducing one of the world's top food and beverage photographers to Phlearn and taking you through step by step of his entire photography process.

If you are looking to become a great food and beverage photographer this PRO will blow you away and place you miles ahead of the competition.  Learn about working with water, and bringing your beverage photography to life in post production.


3.) Epic Burger Food Photo Shoot

In this PRO Tutorial we take you on set with a world class food and beverage photographer, a professional food stylist and a quirky retoucher (Aaron) to create this amazing image.

You will learn about everything that goes into a shoot like this including the lighting, styling, shooting, retouching, compositing and more!  Learn the tips and tricks behind working with food, a food stylist, and the amount of time and energy that goes into one of these photo shoots.

The 3-Pack Bundle is on sale NOW. CLICK HERE TO BUY