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Shooting Liquids

As a commercial studio, we specialize in Food, Beverage, and Product photography with an emphasis on liquids. Why liquids you ask? Great question we respond. Liquids have a tendency to create endless possibilities (yeah yeah so does almost any photography) for how light interacts with it. We don't have to go into detail on the properties of liquida with solids and gas but you see where we are going.  The bottom line on why we specialize in liquids in because it tends to be on of the most challenging and rewarding things to create images from. It evokes emotion in a completely different way than that of a smile or style of a lifestyle portrait. Plain and simple.

If you are interested in commercial photography and liquids,  keep a look out for a collaboration project we will be doing this Fall with CreativeLIVE. We are going to melt your face off with where we can take liquids. 

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